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A Lil' Pole Fitness

Come and Join Cornwall's HOTTEST Workout!

First of all, I want to start off by saying that we are NOT a gym; we are a specialized studio that offers workouts designed to improve your overall health and fitness levels as well as your self-esteem. Our programs and workshops are designed to improve movements, flexibility, strength, health, as well as your confidence. With our coaching and support, you get a great workout and feel confident in your skin.

Our members are encouraging, open-minded, helpful, and motivating. It's all about YOU! The studio is designed so that when you walk in, you feel comfortable and at ease, but most of all....Sexy.

Want a getaway from the everyday? Want to meet new people and have fun while getting a great workout? Feel a little edgy and daring? Feel Sexy? Why not!! A Lil' Pole Fitness awaits YOU!!

Work with Coaches Shannon and Lindsay with our new programs to learn and execute beautiful spins and holds while working on your Strength, Flexibility, and Balancing. Pole Fitness benefits Discipline, Determination, Strength of Body and Mind.


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